Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing the Post a Day Early

Since it would seem that Caden is isn't here to write the post I have decided to step in. Not sure what to write about, I mean really, how long has it been since any jersey news has come out, or anything like it. As the Altoona Express manager, I have high hopes for the games tonight, even though we are currently losing to the Evansville Rivermen 28.4 to 7.7, I think we can turn that around. At least I can say I'm not the Skopje Foxes (Lisici in Macedonian), they are losing 37 to -0.1 against the Hamilton Stags "superteam". Sorry Ricky! Any way I hope I can watch my Pens beat New Jersey in their first game of the season, and get my favorite Pens player Jussi Jokinen some points for fantasy and for Pittsburgh (in real life). Also my "superplayer" Steven Stamkos can zap (Lightning pun) the crap (rhyme) out of Boston! On to the concepts!
Altoona Express (HCIHL) (Matt McElroy)
Oh my Gosh! My fantasy team made better! In the logos, not really the jerseys though. This concept has so much potential, but sadly doesn't deliver the way the manager would like to see. I'm going to try to grade this like I never saw the ones I made, just based on my likings of a jersey. Ok the logo, despite being at least 100,000 times better than mine, could use some work. I'd try working with a different shape other than a circle, maybe, like you said use a Keystone? Or a square to make it look like it's coming out of a tunnel. Try playing with those, and if you already did, I guess the circle works. One more thing about the logo, I don't like how the font it on an almost opposite angle than the train. My suggestion for that would be to straighten it out. On to the jerseys. I like the shade of gold that I used better than the shade used here, mine I believe is more metallic and fits in more with the train theme. I have to say I really don't like the jerseys that much, either. I meant for the Express to be a modern team with classic elements, but the side panels and cut of hem striping are some of the things I dislike the most. Instead of the side panels I'd just replace them with full striping and no side panels. One other thing that got on my nerves when I saw this concept is that on the white jersey that the number outline (just the outline) should be reversed so the gold is on the inside and the black on the outside. Logo Rating 8/10 (still miles better than anything that I could come up with) Jersey Rating 6/10

I am actually, for the first time in a while feeling inspired enough to make a hockey jersey, and I will use that for the Colgate competition, but the Yakball inspiration is still soaring above that. I've competed one team's branding that I am proud of (Yeah Matt, I'm practicing, just not with hockey!). I am starting on my second team branding that I will have to put on hold due to the Colgate comp. Ok thanks for reading and maybe Caden will write tomorrow.    

At time of press, these are the HCIHL scores. Enjoy!

My HCIHL standing predictions for the 13/14 season (unbiased) are,

*1: Hamilton Stags
*2: Evansville Rivermen
*3: Louisville Lynx
*4 Skopje LS Foxes
 5: London SabreSwords
 6: Altoona Express (Sorry Jake!)

You can check the live scores HERE!

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