Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, Justin's busy. Filling in again.

Hey guys, this post will be quick. Justin is busy so I (Caden) will be filling in. I missed the staidum series, I wanted to watch the rerun today but I decided to read bleeping twitter and saw the scores. Well, not the scores but I saw that the Ducks got a shutout. I think every outdoor game should end in a shootout. Can that be a rule?

For Cuba, this is a solid design by Dallas. It takes colors from their baseball jerseys, yet has a unique design. The yoke stripes look good. The stars add to the design. I would have made a silver alternate with the "ROC" logo on the crest. I don't think the font works here for such a modern design.

A 9/10

Sorry that em post was so short. Jake will take us back to normality tommorow. Check out the HCIHL website on, follow me on Instagram (@cadenpataf), twitter (@CPatafie) and follow our blog by entering your email into the box in the right. Thanks for reading, Have a good Sunday!


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