Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday: A Blue and White Kinda Day

Hello everybody who reads this blog, I'm Jake Miller (Jake88) and I will be writing you post. I hope everyone enjoyed the first two Stadium Series game, I will get to see the fourth.
Oh Wait, I didn't tell the twitter world or the Internet in general about that. Well I found out after my post and well I can't wait to sit in below freezing temperatures and watch a hockey game from 100 feet away. Just joking, even with those downsides it's going to be a really fun time. The only downside is that I miss a hockey tournament in Detroit, with my team. The other upside is that my Grandparents bought me a Jussi Jokinen stadium series jersey. And again I can't wait until it comes. The HCIHL scores will be added later.

Toronto Maple Leafs (By Joey F.)
Joey's concept starts us out with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that blends era pretty well. Not sure about how the logo would full time, and as much as I'm a fan of chest stripes, I think Southern Quebec would have a riot if an other time, especially their biggest rivals, wore chest stripes. (Meanwhile northern Quebec countinues to be able to support a hockey team in Quebec City, but can't, Please help this wonderful city get the NHL team they rightfully deserve). The yoke is from the 70's and 80's, and the striping pattern (on the socks now) is from the 30's. I wouldn't use Boston's unique font, but rather one from the Leafs currents. (Speaking of fonts, I recommend that everybody looks at Conrad's custom font thread at The lace collar looks nice, but I wish the hem striping matched the sleeve striping. Concept Rating: 7.5/10
Johnstown Jets Throwback (By Jake88/Me)
Well my team has been doing good of late, with us being on a four game winning streak, and winning 9 out of the last ten games we've played. I didn't want to use the script Jets logo, and I didn't want to use Johnstown, since we spilt the city with another team. I kinda based it off the Toronto jerseys we wear (the socks). I thought putting the name in the yoke would look good and it did. I figured that NO ONE would buy vintage equipment for the game, so I used the current equipment. By the way, I have and wear gloves like that for games. I hope you like it!
Well that's all for today, thanks for reading and I'll probably see everyone on Wednesday.

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