Friday, January 24, 2014

. . . And My Man J-Roney

You'll find this in Whoomp, There it is: "That's me, DC - and my man Steve Roney!" Well, not quite. I'm not DC and his name is Jeremy, not Steve. But our concepts are featured here today. One aspect of my posting over time is that I don't have a bias to any team other than the Ducks, however I do endearingly (as a hockey enthusiast) mock team nicknames (the Strangers, the Lames, etc . . .) so please don't take them as such. Elsewhere I'm getting really excited over that big win to get the Ducks back on good terms at home.

Playstation 4
Submitted by: Jeremy Roney

The new Playstation 4 was something I thought that Sony would not pursue a yet here we are. Considering it's a heavy part of the branding, I am somewhat surprised that more gradient isn't used here. The only thing that really irks me is the disproportionate number and name. As for the front number, bring it down and towards the center a little. But I am pleased with the result, it is certainly unique from anything I have seen.

Vancouver Canucks
Submitted by: Ricky (Me)

This was the first of the currently available and to be produced in my retro-modern series. A twist on an old classic. The classic being the gradient and tick just to the current color scheme and the twist being Johnny Canuck. Since his number had been recently retired by the Canuckleheads, I used Pavel Bure to "model" the jersey (if you will). Again, this series is to be accurate in some areas (application of design) while adding new elements (change of color and number layout {not font or logo necessarily}). Because it is a retro-modern series, every jersey will feature one thing that the originals did not have: lace-up collars. The Lace-up collars are intended to further imply the "retro-ness" of the jersey. As for the jaggedness of the tick lines, I have no idea how that happened because they were fine when I finished it.

Image courtesy of: Dave Roback (Springfield Republican)
Notice the gentleman in the orange tie next to ranked player #13 Paul White in the distance? That's me at the end of the Whitney Young bench liaisoning the team during their visit to campus. This is the same team that has the nation's #1 ranked high school player in the country, Jahlil Okafor (committed to Duke for next season). Jahlil is a very reserved individual but still a very polite young man. He is a cousin of Emeka, the NBA player of the Washington Wizards. This is my fourth year volunteering the tournament, third as team liaison. I usually get three or four teams per year, so I fortunately get to see a lot of good talent and many familiar coach. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is a regular and the occasional NBA coach arrives such as Doc Rivers when his son Austin played two years ago.

Back to hockey, I will have at least one other new jersey on the way soon. For surprise sake, I won't tell you until it arrives for next week's post. I don't generally want to nominate my own concepts on my posts, but this week I am making an exception - particularly as I have had nothing to show on HJC. Despite what I do like from today's other concept, it doesn't quite fit the bill for me (not that mine does). But I also would like to see what people think of mine thus I am nominating my Canucks jersey for writer's pick. The Ducks lost their first regulation game at home to the Jets earlier in the week, but the bulk of remaining games for the Ducks are at home, so this plays very well to their advantage and quite possibly the President's Trophy. Credit to the Jets for playing so well since the hiring of Paul Maurice as their head coach. On the even brighter side, I have the Stadium Series game to look forward to tomorrow! 


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