Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday: New HCI Writer!

Hello, everybody! I'm Joey, the new HCI Wednesday writer!

Few things you should know about me:
-I am 13 years old
-I only play road hockey
-I LOVE the Toronto Maple Leafs
-I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hamilton is pretty much one big construction site.
-In other jersey talk, I want the leafs to use their current alternate as their home jersey...

Anyways, I will be marking your concepts out of 10. I know that the Buffalo Sabres’ “Turd Burger” Jerseys certainly will not be perfect by a LONGSHOT.

Anyways, now on to the concepts:

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey Concept - Dallas K.

What I Like: The logo is a cropped, recoloured version of the Oilers' 25th anniversary logo.I like the main orange colour, that really brings out the blue, I would love this as an alternate. The Oilers' last alt jerseys were awful. K14 always produces good work!

What I Dislike: Maybe - I repeat, maybe - some more blue would be nice.

Overall: I would love to see this as an alternate, you should send this in to the Oilers! Once again, great work as always from K14 Koncepts. 8.5/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Dylan w.

What I Like: I like the recoloured Flames alternate logo as the shoulder patch! The away jersey is the best in this set - the red yoke is great, and the colours blend well.

What I Dislike: I think the logo on the away jersey should have a darker outline. Also, I wish that the yoke on the red jersey was white, or a different colour than red.

Overall: Dylan Wonka always produces great work! 7.5/10

I give a Writer's Pick Nomination to Dallas' Edmonton Oilers concept!

Well that sums up my first HCI post!

Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back and read Caden's post tomorrow!

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