Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday: Degrees in the negative.

Warmth. While the old Icemen Equipment Manager bragging about how it is 80° in Arizona, his current home. I'm in degrees dropping into the negatives and peaking no higher than 19° (Ferenheit). I know that that is normal for all you Canadian readers, but for western Indiana it's coldly abnormal. The Ohio River froze in the early 1900s, I wonder if it will happen again? Schools are closed just because of the cold (very low precipitation), and stuff like Girl Scouts not coming to my door with cookies makes me want to live in Arizona with "Smoke". God how I hate the cold! God how I hate the hot in summer! I want it to be 78° all year long. Sorry about the rant, that's not what you're here for, concepts are. Here ya go!

Minnesota Wild [Dallas Kirkpatrick]
The "State of Hockey" patches are cool, but I'm sure some other states could give Minnesota a run for their money. I doubt they would win, but Minnesota isn't the only hockey loving state I know, but defenditly the greatest. Don't like the one thick stripe with 2 thin outlines. What I would do with this concept is take Minnisota's real away jersey, add the "State of Hockey" patches, and build a matching dark jersey. Though this concept is cool it could be better.

*SIDE NOTE* Mabye include backs to your concepts? It would help me see the font better (in this case it looks pretty cool) and for a concept that you would want to include an off color namebar (wheat would look good opinion the home jerseys case) you couldn't do that.

A wild 7/10. If you fix the striping alone and add gaps between each one an easy 9/10!

Saint Louis Blues Alternate [Justin Sulpico]
Great idea making a new alternate jersey for the Blues, they need it. Bringing back the red is also a good choice. I like the template, I would have done something cool with the logo, like slanted it hard with the striping or something. To really make the striping pop.
I would have also chosen a more modern font, as is isn't a throwback, but "a modern jersey with classic elements" (Stadium Series much?) And changed the yellow in the collar to red.

Outstanding Idea! A 8.5/10. Would have been a nine if you had of put your name or ID on the concept. Always do that folks!

How was my post? Sorry for the rant at the beginning. I wrote it while I was freezing in my bedroom with my heater on high. Cant wait for spring! Playoffs, Rain (I actually like rain if it's warm) and Easter candy at Walgreen's. Can't be beat! Also, do you want your concept reviewed in a post by one of our 5 talented writers? Send them in at


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