Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, Fill in the Blank

Hey HCONCEPTI readers! I would first like to say thanks, not only to readers, but submitters as well, for making it possible to do what we do. Soon there will be some big changes to the site. It will include a new background, and side bars on each side of the posts with new features. Also, I'm going to add an advertisement to earn money to purchase a domain for the blog. Don't worry, typing in hockeyconceptideas.blogspot.com will still redirect it to the new domain. That is all off in the future though. We will be debuting our new Wednesday writer tommorow. Jake88 will continue to write on Mondays. Changes and more changes!

I always thought black needed to be brought back to the Tampa bay design, and this does it perfectly! I like the striping on the home jersey, but on the away the blue and black don't stand out enough. The drop shadow is a nice way to add black to the logo. The font choice is nice.

What I would do: Put a gap between the striping. Change the tie down on the blue jersey to white.

A second design of the day for Dallas, this one brings the Kings back to a variation of their original colors. The logo on the away jersey looks sweet. On the home the yellow and white don't stand out enough. The shoulder patch is creative. If you drew it yourself, good job! If not, be sure to credit the artist. 

What I would do:Though the jerseys and logos look cool, I would recolor them to Black, White, And Silver. I would also take the away log and place it on the home jersey with a slight outline.   

Come back tommorow for our new writer! He brings a new twist to the blog. Until then, Caden says...


Oh yeah, My WPC nomination goes to Dallas' Tampa Bay concept. 



  1. Thanks for all of the posts the last while!...I pulled the lion logo off of one of the Kings old logos and modified and recoloured it. All of the logos used in this post were taken from www.sportslogos.net

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