Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday: I'm sad now

Hey HCI fans! A couple big changes going on. A redo of our site to a more simple design. There are a couple of kinks to work out but in the most part it looks good. 2ndly, a new writer for Wednesdays. Joey has applied for HockeyJerseyConcepts in the past, and will be a good addition to our site. Why am I sad, you may ask? Well, both concepts today are for team in the warm Caribbean, and it made me feel even colder.

Bahamas. Even sadder. This is a nice looking concept. Flag is incorporated well. I actually like the "Bahamas" on the arms. I would have put a small "visit" above it, like the Orlando Solar Bears do on their jerseys. I like the logo, the numbers could use an outline though. The effect of not having white on the blue jersey is a nice one. I would have made the tie down blue as well so their would only be one change between both jerseys. Like the Swiss Olympic jerseys.

This looks more like a North Pole concept than a Caribbean one! I would have thinned the striping so all 5 stripes fit in the space that 4 take up now, and moved the star down. With the extra space above the star I would put a Buffalo3rdesque wordmark below the collar. The shoulder patch is neat and simple. A solid jersey design here from Dallas.

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