Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday: No "Bull" from me!

Hello everyone, Alan here for another wonderful Saturday here at Hockey Concept Ideas. Today we got only 2 concepts, Witch one will be my "Writers Pick?" But first I got a rant I need to get off my chest, let’s get on ranting shall we.

San Fran getting “Bulled” out.
Reports tells the ECHL’s San Francisco Bulls is in a pickle, the team lost $2 million both this year and last year! It’s a no shock to me because look at it this way. They are in San Fran home of the 49ers (until they move to their new stadium in Santa Clara), they’re playing in an arena that is in a bad condition that needed list of upgrades, and lastly they just can’t draw at all. Unless the Golden State Warriors NBA team lets them play in their arena, or if they find some new owners that can buy the team and move them to somewhere better then in San Fran. If not this team could fold after this season or even sooner! It’s sad to see a team that could have a long term success in a big market, but it didn’t happen for this team sadly enough.

I feel much better now, so let’s get to some concepts

Arizona Coyotes Concept [by K14]
 Up points: I like the stripes on the arms is well placed, and well colored smartly. Standard block numbers gets an thumbs up from me on that one. Using the paw logo as shoulder patch is O.K. Darker shade red with sand, black, and green really give it a fitting color set for this team.
Down points: The logo is alright, but doesn't fit the team at all, using the Hartford Wolf Pack head as the coyote is alright but using it for an NHL team is not an easy task. it was a good idea but the color choices seem not working with me. On the road the sand color use as trims on stripes and numbers look like it's blending with white. The lack of hem stripes makes these jerseys empty. There's black on the home but the only black I see is on the logo.
My Suggestion: Add hem stripes with the same treatment as you did with the arms, change the sand color on the coyotes head with dark red color you got there, and lastly on the road switch the sand color with black to make it more eye popping.

Calgary Flames Concept [by K14]
Up points: Classy look with double stripes on both on arms and hem. The logo is always classic and good. the colors always a eye popper in a good way!
Down points: The flaming horse logo was a good idea, but with black on it looks empty to me. The front numbers is unnecessarily need to be add.
 My Suggestion: Remove the front numbers. The shoulder patch on the home jersey switch the white and yellow, and on the road switch the white and red to give that little touch to it without adding black to my opinion.

After much thought I say the Flames concept gets a "Writers Pick" nomination from me.

Before I go, I got another random video. This one is a small clip of a kid staking around the Red Wings rink holding up the game and former TSN, and now current FOX Sport 1 broadcaster Jay Onrait is not happy about it.

Well that's today, come by here tomorrow as  Justin gives you the rest of the weekend or beginning of a week depends on witch way you look at it. Until then, later. 

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  1. If you haven't heard, the Bulls ceased operations yesterday at 1. They are the first ECHL team to fold mid season since the Augusta Lynx in 2008.


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