Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday: 10 PM East Coast Hockey

You may be used to being up at 10 PM Eastern to watch a sports event in the Pacific Time Zone, but I will be for one last time this regular season behind the PA microphone at Smead Arena for Springfield College club hockey. In the Mean time, another jersey came in, but we'll get to that later. First, a pair of concepts.

Team Canada (The World Championships)
Submitted by: Alan John Herbert

Alan has distributed what I think are the best team Canada concept I have come across by a concept designer. While there are produced one I actually don't mind, this would look even better in real time! The gold accenture is absolutely classic. The black highlights are well placed and even the extra two leaves are a welcomed addition. The main white looks more sophisticated than using black, though I do miss the main black stripe a little. Maybe a black helmet will ail my sadness. Gotta chose this one for my writer's pick this week.

Michigan v. Michigan State (Outdoors)
Submitted by: Alan John Herbert

Alan is being very traditional "doing new things for new events" as we saw with the NHL when introducing the new uniform templates. this is much the same idea with logos inside of logos. Other than that these might make for everyday use. I'm not significantly impressed with these other than the yoke striping inside the Spartans jersey. Then again, college is simple compared to any professional team really. So I guess it makes sense after all.

Surprise! I haven't been able to get my pictures of it up, but this was from the original listing. I liked this version better solely because of the character of the hem stripe, which kept this jersey sane before Reebok took over jersey making. Still looking for more classics, but only the same ones from the other times that still elude me. 

Keep sending in your stuff, we love seeing it and want to see it sooner rather than later. Drop us a line with your content, just remember our guidelines. In no time, you'll see me back here in one weeks time. Until then, I bid you a good weekend!


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