Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday: Olympic Hockey!

Hello everyone, and welcome to HCI! I hope you're having a good day!

I will be watching Olympic hockey today in school!!!! Can't wait! GO CANADA GO!

Time to write about some concepts!

Admiral Vladiostok - Jake88

KHL Stadium Series! I love the chrome logo you used, I don't know why some people didn't seem to like them in the NHL Stadium Series... Anyways, the diagonal stripe used here is awesome, although, the sleeve stripes have two small lines from the template next to them. I always try to remove all template lines, but that's just personal preference. In this case, the small stripes should have been removed. It also looks like the 18 on the back isn't centered, but I'm not sure. This is a great concept, with wonderful colours and ideas!

New York Islanders - Dallas K.

Lately, I've seen A LOT of black Islanders concepts. I just found out that the Islanders are moving to Brooklyn! This brings back the "fishsticks" logo, when they had that great goal horn! It's hard to create an Islanders jersey with the fishsticks logo without screwing it up - and you executed this very well! The mean fisherman is supposed to look "dark and scary" so that is where the primary black comes in great! I love the little wave design on that logo, and it fits in great here! I really think that the laces should be turquoise, and maybe the numbers. Overall, this is a pretty nice concept!

Well, that wraps up my second post on HCI! If you have any suggestions/constructive criticism about my posts, feel free to contact me!

Have a nice rest of your Wednesday! :)

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