Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday: Gold?.... Silver?... Bronze? Nope Nothing

I think by now, even people living under a rock would know the news. With Canada winning gold, and the US not even medaling. For the US, I think that a team of NHL stars should have put at least 2 under Tuukka Rask, but he is an amazing goalie. As for Canada, I wished it was a bit better of a game, I mean waking up 7:00 for a game with no OT, come on.

Hey, no HCIHL scores again! Next week.

Irish Hockey League Concept (By Nick B.)
Sorry Nick, couldn't find a real team name for this.
I don't mind having teams having off color "clash" jerseys, but I don't think it works as much in hockey. I don't like how low the striping is on the jersey, since it would be around your lower arms. One thing I don't like about some Nike concepts in general now, is the coloring in of the flywire collar. It's in such I weird shape that it just doesn't work. Again, with the European type style, I understand the lack of light blue in the jersey, and I thing it makes it look better. Also some TV numbers would be nice. Concept Rating 7.8/10
Well this is my last post until I'll be in Chi-town watching my Pens beat the Hawks. On that Monday I'll try to share some pics of both the game and the Pens SS jersey I bought. Well see you then!

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