Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, disappointing finish.

So unless you live under a rock (speaking to you Patrick) You will know the results of the Olympics. With Canada getting gold in both hockey tournements, and the USA men getting a nice participation medal. USA had an amazing tournement the entire Olympics, and couldn't find a way past Price in the semifinal. Well there is always 2018! If the NHL doesn't send players, I will be happy. The games will be more evenly matched for countrys that don't have NHL players on their roster.

Philly Flyers Alternate Dylan Wonka
Former HJC writer Dylan "Nowak" brings us a orange, yet heavily black Flyers alternate concept.

Design: THANK YOU for not using an off colored namebar. Well actully, I wouldn't mind it in an alternate if the mains didn't have it. But that isn't the case here. I like the black name and numbers. It adds to the feel of the jersey.

Not a fan of the logo. The flyers have used pretty much the same logo for everything, and I don't think that should change.

Execution: Don't even have to mention it! Wonka's execution comes through perfect again!

Dylan Wonka, one of the most talented concept designers in my opinion. Along with. Justin Cox and Matt McElroy. Keep up the good work!

That's all for today, What is your opinion on the NHL sending players to Korea, and if they do, should Ovi and Crosby have a "Gagnam Style" dance off center ice? 


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