Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday: 199...

Ayyy! Thanks for reading the 199th post of Hockey Concept Ideas! Ricky Mazella was still with HJC when we had our 100th, so it will be a treat for him getting to write our 200th post tomorrow.

The HCIHL playoffs are fast approaching, and if the Rivermen can pull off the win against London (ON), We will have clinched 2nd place with only 1 game remaining in the season. Us and Hamilton are the only teams so far to clinch a playoff spot. If Altoona and London (ON) lose the next match, Skopje and Louisville will clinch as well.

Detroit Red Wings  "De-Edge"
[Justin Sulpico]

Design: Though I like the idea of a wordmark, The wheel logo should forever be on the front of Detroit's jerseys. Also, The NHL amended there rule of the captaincy patches go on the left side (players view) of the jersey because the wing got in the way. Not a case here, the "C" (or "A") should go on the left. 
The Striping looks bad, I would straighten it for a more classic look.

Execution: Not much. The CCM logo (Or the Vector logo) should be on the back of the jersey.

San Jose Sharks
[Phil B.]

Design: A heck of a lot better than the jerseys the Shark(nados) wear now! I think that should be the goal for every concept artist, a better jersey than the original. I like the addition of hem stripes, and the yoke. Are there any other jerseys in the NHL or AHL with that shape yoke? I like it. Also I like that there is orange included in the design, but not too much. The one thing I wouuld change, The pants. I would add the shoulder logo to the pants, It stands out better. And add orange piping to the side. A small but big difference.

Execution: I can't see anything. Sweet job on that.

Did you enjoy? *Dons english accent* "You must come back for the 200th post tommorow! It will be a knocker of a time!"



  1. I know for a fact that the Reebok Edge system does not use that diagonal yoke in my Sharks concept, but its so easy for them to create if they so choose.

  2. Just putin the captaincy patch on the opposite side to stick with "tradition"


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