Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday: Olympic Stuff and Long Weekends

Hi guys. It's justin. The (not-so) trusty Sunday writer. Any Americans out there? I hope you enjoyed the 3-2 US victory yesterday over the Russians. Any Canadians out there? I hope you enjoyed/ are enjoying the game against Finland, the final score was _______ (score not avaliable at time of publishing).

One concept for this Sunday.

Lahiti Pelicans (SM-liiga Finland) by ?????
I can't tell who made this concept, yet i've seen the graphic at the bottom-right corner on numerous concepts floating around the web. Is this person "Poissa" or "Kotin"?? Anyway, the striping is simple, but not too simple and I like how the ads are only text logos of the company and dont interfere with the jersey design whatsoever. I know this is a different template being used, but, I feel that the hem stripe is a bit too high for my liking. Solid design, solid concept. 8/10.

(EDIT BY JUSTIN: Caden or someone can edit this later as to who made the concept and add a name.)

For those in certain parts of Canada, Happy rest of your Family/Louis Riel/Islander Day long weekend! For those in the USA, Happy rest of your President's day long weekend! Everyone else, have a great rest of your regular sized weekend. Enjoy it and watch the Olympics!



  1. The person who made that concept is Eric Westhaver, I'm guessing that Poissa and Kotin mean Home and away in Finnish.

  2. Jake, you're right across the board. Thanks.


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