Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday: Back into action

Hello, everyone! Soon, it'll be HCI's 200th post!

In other words, the NHL is back! Go Leafs Go!

Lets go on to the concept:

Cleveland Barons Concept - Dallas K.

Man, oh man. Great concept - I've been planning on doing a Barons concept, but after seeing this - I don't think I could beat it. This gives a great modern look to an old team. It's like the Devils and the Mighty Ducks had a baby! For the alternate, I would like to see balanced striping. The white and black stripe also being at the bottom, (just personal preference) but it seems to fit in with the Home/Away. The alt wordmark is a good idea, too. If anybody has a block font like that, could you please send it to me? I think the TV numbers should be lower on the alternate jersey, and the primary logo or just the black B as a shoulder patch.Overall, this is a great jersey - Go K14 Koncepts!

Only a one concept post today... Now it's time to go listen to some Arctic Monkeys! Then I will watch the greatest game commentator in the world play Babysitter Bloodbath and De Schippers van de Kameleon! His name is Cr1TiKaL/penguinz0.

Alright, see ya next time! :D Thank you!

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