Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday: Heartbreak in Sochi

If anyone thinks I'm referring to the US and Canada women's ice hockey gold medal game, you're wrong. While that was heartbreaking, I'm moping over the Canadian women's curling rink winning the gold medal over Sweden. But since last we met, the Australian Football League preseason is now in full swing. More importantly, there are concepts to get to.

Irish Hockey League (fictional)
Submitted by: Nick Spiterri

This concept was based on having a league In the Republic of Ireland. The logos, themselves are from the rugby teams that represent said provinces. That is not uncommon in Europe, such as Barcelona in soccer and basketball. I like what was done to add some character to the uniforms. I'm not so sure as to the striping at the hem of the blue one, but the striping in general seems to be missing something. I am enjoying the originality of the idea though - that in itself is a much welcomed thought.

All in all, I'm disappointed in the fact that the content well is running a little dry. But all we need is you to fill it up again. Please, please, please, please send stuff in - we'd really appreciate it! It's a lot more fun for everyone that way too!

I still can't get over the Dion Phaneuf song from the other day, myself. In that regard, I put this up for you. It is a Parody of Adam Sandler's song made by WGR 550 Buffalo during the 2007 Finals run. That's it for me, see you in a week.


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