Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday: Thrashed Jays!?!

Hey everyone, this is day one of my long weekend from work, hopefully my long weekend gets snowed in. Today is another one concept from an concept artist, and other from me. But first in my non hockey rant, last week I went to see the LEGO movie and believe me the movie said "Everything is Awesome!" Boy how everything about this movie is awesome! I enjoyed this movie and I recommend any LEGO fans to watch this movie, or be like other people and wait until it released on DVD. Well enough of my life story on to concepts.

Creighton Blue Jays NCAA Concept [by Ricky M.]
 Up points: The use of the the Jays logo with the "C" in the background is an good idea. Using the Toronto Blue Jays old fonts was risky, but to my surprise it fit the theme that I'm seeing here.
Down points: The design on both home, and road jersey are cool, but on the white jersey the colors choice put together feels like it placed backwards to me. On the the dark jersey it's lack white, the only white I see is on the logo, trim on the nameplate, and trims around the numbers, it looks unfinished to me. Lastly the alternate jersey design is good, but just seems doesn't fit for the Blue Jays to me.
My suggestion: On the white jersey switch the blue 2 and blue 4. Add some white on the dark jersey.  Lastly give the alternate something classic look that fit both the logo, and the fonts.

Atlanta Thrashers Concept [by me]
I took there pre-edge powder blue jersey and gave it some tweaks, I made navy blue as their main color, I replaced the word "Atlanta" with "Thrashers", and add there arrows strip on their empty arm side and on the side of there pants just give it a little more of a Hockey game look than a some what of a practice jersey.

Well that's today post, before I go, I got another video from the magical world of youtube. Today what do you get a Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf, and the Muppets? You get a song! Enjoy the video, til then, later.

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