Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday: The Stephen Scheffel Show

Little high, Little low HCI readers! It's another Friday with me and I have a good amount of stuff today. Glad to have more than one concept today as compared to the last little while. Also, today is our 200th post here at HCI! A new jersey came in for me but not before two concepts from the same artist. Let's get to those now.

Denver Broncos
Submitted by: Stephen T. Scheffel

The first of our two concepts is based on the NFL's Denver Broncos. The first thing to discuss is the logo. It takes one of the current alternates added to a different colored "D" with an outline. On the white uniform, I don't like the phantom yoke, it definitely needs color. As for the Orange uniform, the blue and white need to switch positions everywhere - the sleeves, the yoke, the hem, and the blue on the collar. As for the alternate, just color in the cuffs, but kudos for originality there.

Colorado Rockies
Submitted by: Stephen T. Scheffel
This wouldn't be a complete Rockies concept without some form of pinstriping. Stephen has done that here. I would think that the stripes should all run the same direction on the white uniform. Either remove the ones from the sleeves or apply them to the whole jersey. As for the other one, The pinstripes in the numbers are a little daunting and take them from the numbers and move them across the logo if I had to guess. I would much prefer see something similar to their purple alternates though.

As I alluded to earlier, I made another jersey purchase last week and it just came in yesterday. That's because the Can Post takes a little longer than FedEx,UPS, or USPS. But that's okay, it still had a week just in case. But here it is, low and behold this Canucks jersey!

Photos courtesy of: Pro Sports Jerseys

I wen't a little out of my price range, but was still able to take it in for a profit. It was also the only one in my size and the only ones I had seen over the course of a good amount of time. In the mean time, my NBA leading Indian Pacers will be in town to take on the Celtics at TD Garden while the NHL's Bruins are away. The I managed free tickets to watch Hartford Hawks men's hoops against UMBC (coincidentally the same conference game I went to last year, go Terriers!)

As yet another weekend has come, enjoy your last day of February, that means Spring is around the corner. Or if you prefer, Spring started on Groundhog's Day. No matter, it will be a good weekend until the bad weather supposedly hits part of the Northeast into Monday morning. So make the most of the good weather.



  1. Are you getting a Name/Number on the Vancouver jersey? If so, What will it be?

  2. I haven't decided If I will get it customized yet.


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