Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thurssday: Terrp!!!

Howdy concept fans! I have a unique concept for today, I will get to it quickly. But first! I'm pretty excited, The Evansville Icemen are putting on an Olympic Viewing Party at a local theater here in Evansville on Saturday vs Russia. They will have concessions open, and a couple people I've talked to said they are wearing jerseys. It will be like being at an arena to watch the game, but different.

Maryland Terrapins Ricky M

 Design: I like the flag striping and shoulder yoke. The black alternate is a good design. I would rather it be the main jersey. Not a fan of the small logo over the number. I would have used the standing turtle in the bottom left.

Execution: Screen Printed numbers are cool, but are really bad on non reebok edge jerseys. Like, They shrivel up and every thing. As long as you get the high quality kind, you'll be good!

A quick post this Thursday. Have a good week.

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