Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thursday, Move North, More Olympic jerseys.

Hello concept folk! Caden here for another spectacular post! We have another Olympic jersey to review today, so we might as well get to it! But not before I tell you to check out my new YouTube gaming channel, Router13. I have Happy Wheels, Flappy Bird, and some random games off the internet. Go check it out!

Team Canada Olympic Jersey (Credit Icethetics for the rendering)

So, hopefully when you are reading this, Canada will have lost, or are losing. Sorry to Justin, Joey, or Alan J. H., but hopefully USA will come out with another victory, and be garrenteed a spot in a medal game.

Up Votes: I like the chest stripe, and the fact that the logo is cut out of it. I like the wordmark below the logo, and the flag on the left arm.

Down Votes: Why not add an armband so both arms are the same? The chest stripe should continue to the back of the jersey, and the gold accents aren't visible on TV, so I could care less.

Did you enjoy the post? Do you want more? Just send in your own concepts, and we will review them, and help you get better, or in Dylan Wonka or Justin Cox's case, they're already perfect, and don't need to improve. :P

Thanks for reading!


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