Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday: The Rematch!

Hi everyone, Alan here for another wonderful Saturday here on Hockey Concept Idea. Well tomorrow we'll see who's going to win the gold medal between Canada, and Sweden for the first time since 1994 were the young Peter Forsburg score a shootout goal that give Sweden the gold medal, while Canada have to deal with silver. Now 20 years later here we are the rematch, truthfully I been waiting for this to happen, I was 8 years old sitting on the couch watching this game mainly because Blenheim native Todd Warriner played for team Canada. I remember that day is was more then heart break, it was dark for me seeing that shootout goal to end an epic gold medal game ever. Let's hope this rematch have the same fire as the 1994 gold medal finals, but with an different result.

Enough old memories, let's get to concepts.

LA Kings Concept [By K14]
This one is good concept for the Kings, the purple and the gold was put together wisely done. The stripes on both arms and hem fits the team look, the yoke on the white kept the balance nicely. The main logo is just the crown, but the way the colors put together on the crown helps this concept without any trouble. Lastly the shoulder patch really fits this concept, mainly the use of purple, and gold. Great concept, that's all I can say.

Oshawa Generals Concept [By me]
This Concept is almost the same as their current set only squeezing the stripes together and curve them slightly for the Reebok effect feel to it, the only stripes that is straight is the yokes, the socks, and the side of the pants, two different shoulder patch is added on this concept, one was the Bruins theme crest, and the other is the "Honour and Tradition" patch and lastly made the helmets half Red and Blue like the old days before they made it one solid color.

Well another Saturday post is in the books. This week YouTube video is a TSN music video taking a shot at the NHL's stupid puck over the glass rule that make no sense to me at all, enjoy the video. Until then later.

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