Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday: Your Presents Include...

It's Christmas day, and I wanted to try something a bit different...
I wanted to use a William Butala esque rating system that I thought would be fun for Christmas. The way that I decided to do this is through hockey team Christmas card/greetings. Well I know that you all are dying to see what type of ratings I do so we should get to it. But first your one reminder...

 Creighton Comp Voting ends this Saturday Dec 28


Philadelphia Flyers (By Jeremy R.)
Jeremy starts us out with a Flyers sweater that isn't that bad. He kinda fixes the problems that were on the original edge jersey (angled arm stripes, nothing on the hem, ect...). He replaces it with arm piping and pretty much fill in the blank arm stripes that, in this case aren't bad. I think that the captains patch should have an orange outline, and the number on the front shouldn't be there. I also like the collar. On an execution note one of the TV numbers on the back view is missing. I also find the pit stains unnecessary.

I give this one the rating of Philly's rival team, and my personal favorite team, the Penguins. This concept in my opinion isn't as good as their currents, but tries to be (like any concept). The Pens video tries to be like this (awesome) Blackhawks video, but doesn't really do it. Concept Rating 7.5/10

London Sabreswords Christmas Game (By Alan H.)
Our own writer Alan, gives us this nice Christmas game concept for his HCIHL team that I like. :The striping is pretty nice, but I kinda reminds me of this Lithuanian jersey (don't ask why). I'd have to see how the side panels would look in a game, because it's so different, but it works. The logo is great and the jersey is good for one time use. I don't have any problems with it at all.

I give this one the rating of the Virden Oil Capitals, wait who's that? They are a team playing in the MJHL in Virden, Manitoba. Like this concept the video is very festive and it's well done, especially for a junior team. Concept Rating 9/10


Well that's it for today. Sorry about the late post, but hey I'm sure Santa's late sometimes too. Bye and Happy Holidays!

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