Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday: Toronto Stadiums (Plus the last post of 2013)

Hey HCI readers! Caden here for the 1st of 2 times this week. We don't have a large number of concepts for today, but there will always be more if you send them in. We will post any (appropriate, non offensive) concept sent in. hockeyconceptideas@gmail.com! We will soon start a new contest, we will keep you posted.

New York/New Jersey Staidum Series [Ricky Mazella]

What I like: There is a bunch of color in all the jerseys. It looks classic yet modern. 

The odd color socks for the Rangers jerseys. It is a nice way to balance the color of the jerseys without adding too many stripes or making them thicker.

The Non Crome Logos. The crome logos are too gimmicky for the NHL. There are better ways to make a modern jersey than crome logos.

The reversed tied collars. It is a classic twist to a modern idea.

What I don't like: The logo on the Rangers jersey. The Rangers always need to have a wordmark on the front of their jersey. They're the Rangers, it's their thing.

Even though I like the color in the jerseys, It would be almost impossible to tell red apart from orange on the ice or on TV.

The weird things on the front of the helmets. Crome logos would be a fine thing for the helmets if you still wanted to include them.

This concept was very creative and had some good ideas. I would sort out a few kinks in the design.

Toronto Maple Leafs [Matt McElroy]

What I like: The fact that you didn't change the jerseys too much. The Leafs are untouchable. Not to be touched.

The odd color collar. It looks good as always. If it wasn't there, the tops of the jerseys would be boring.

The logo. It looks just as good as the current. If you try to change an "untouchable" team, you've accomplished a lot to be just as good, if not better. Even though it isn't your own logo, it looks good.

What I don't like: The non exestant pants stripe. It would look nice to put a rotated version of the home jersey stripe on the pants with the logo as well.

The non exestant helmet logo. It's not a big deal, but it would look better with something there. 

Nothing to do with this concept, but IceBorn gloves would add some depth to all of the concepts.

A good concept, but not better than the currents. A 7/10

Did you enjoy the concepts today? Was I unfair to the artists? Starting a conversation in the comments adds a whole new aspect to the post. See ya Later!


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