Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday. Post Christmas Blues

On this, the day after Jesus' birthday, the day after bearded stalker (Santa) gives you love gifts. THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS, I am currently feeling the post holiday blues. Speaking of blues, we have a Blues concept today, That means you have to keep reading. But not before your reminders

Creighton Comp Voting ends SATURDAY

London (ON) SabreSwords [Matt MC.]

The way the arms are done. The black looks really good on the green jersey.
The gold accents. It looks nice the way you incorporated gold into the color scheme.
The black equipment. It would be cool to add gloves to the IceBorn template.
The tie down collar. It's good for a team with a classic design.

The lack of black on the white jersey. It's not completely gone, but there isn't much.
The logo. The current one is simple and clean. This one's too busy. Might work as an alternate or shoulder patch.

Could Care Less:
The color scheme. It would be nice to not have a color used by the local Major Junior team. 

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jeremy Roney
Before anything else I must say ALWAYS PUT YPUR NAME OR SOME SORT OF ID ON YOUR CONCEPT! Anyone could take this, put their name on it and send it to HJC and take credit for it. Hockey Concepts are art. An artist always signs his work.

The Red/Black color scheme was brought back. I always wished the Sabers would have a black or red alternate jersey.
The numbers on the front. I hate them in the Sabe's current set. But it works for such a modern jersey.
The side panels. Again I DESPISE them. But this is the 1% of the time it works.

The logo. I would have put the current Sabers logo (recolored) on the front of the jersey and put the crossed swords logo on the shoulders. The "Goat Head" needs to die.
Speaking of shoulders, They would look better black.

Could Care Less:
The "Buffalo" wordmark. It might look better small and above the logo. But it would be a lateral move.

The double blue design. The Blues don't look good in just one of their two shades of blue. There is a good balance on the home jersey.
The stripe on the pants. It always looks good to have a multicolored pants stripe on the pants while avoiding piping. (The Penguins messed that up)
The thick number outlines. It just looks good. That's more of a matter of opinion though.
The socks stripes. It would have been so easy to make it look bad. It looks classic yet modern.

The away jersey's lack of light blue. As I mentioned the light blue MADE the home jersey. 
The Blue helmet with the away jersey. If you had a blue yoke on the jersey the helmet would tie in and look good. But it doesn't.
The numbers seem small. Mabye it's just the font.

Could Care Less:
The Tie Down Collar.

Well, Did these concepts cheer you up a little from your post holiday blues? Would you be more cheered if you saw your own concepts up here? Just send em in!
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  1. Matt's Sabreswords jersey is pretty much the same as their currents, only the font and logo are changed. There also are no striped cuffs. Just wanted to point that out.

    1. I notice those too, also the "R" and the "E" is switched. But love the logo! I really do!

    2. It was more about the Logo than the jerseys. I did this a while ago I forget exactly what was going through my head


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