Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday: Back in Banditland

While I'm excited for the start of box lacrosse season tomorrow night, I have hockey business (like this post) to tend to. But if you ever get to go to a game, I recommend it - especially in Buffalo or Colorado who have the best fans in their respective divisions. I'll be going tomorrow night and I prepared some concepts for that (you'll know where to find them). I am also in the process of getting stadium series jerseys underway with the new template. Those will be here sooner rather than later.

Creighton competition ballot closes S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night!

2014 HCIHL Frozen Face-off
Submitted by: Matt McElroy

Boy would I like to have my team participate in this if it is continued. Matt here gives us different shades of blue and gold for the Rivermen, which now look more like team Sweden, but it looks good - much better than at least the current alternate which to me appears bland for an alternate. Now the Stags on the other hand find disfavor with me. It's not because they are well ahead in the league. It's not because they're from Hamilton, and it's certainly not because Matt is a Ducks fan (correct me if I'm wrong). It's that wordmark most of all, but also the mismatching amount of stripes and the odd pants stripe. Even the number font doesn't look like it should be on a jersey.
I do like the color, but most of it doesn't make sense. If it weren't his team, it would be easier to say 'I wonder what Matt McElroy would do' but we can't do that. I honestly have no suggestions as to how to fix it. I really want to so that we can say that there is hope. Speaking of hope, that's Matt as he is good at making things better whether he gives someone input or changes it himself. I may not like that one much but it has potential and the Evansville kit looks sharp.

Submitted by: Matt McElroy
Let's move onto another of Matt's objet d'art. This time he takes us to the Rock we know better as the Prudential Center. I think this would look even better in the green the team used to use, but this is a very good start. A double yoke outline and tri-stripe design really highlight the other elements really well. The only thing that might need immediate attention is the helmet, which should be red because I feel it blends in too much with the yoke. They would be green in the case of that color being used over black. Still, nicely done.

Creighton competition ballot closes S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night!

Before I go, it's time to do something that I forgot to tell you about with the chaos of exams and whatnot. The Ricky Points System (RPS) has arrived! {applause, please} Glad it didn't show up yet, because I made changes appropriately to make it more suitable. The criteria are as follows:
  • 10 - Receives a perfect score from the old rubric. (it's really hard to do, that's why it 's worth so much)
  • 4 - Hand-drawn/heavily genetically altered work (of premium quality, not low grade)
  • 2 - "Ricky-esque" in design (not that I like concepts that look like mine - I'm pretty tacky with my wardrobe after all)
  • 1 - Personal preference

* * * Negative points will be added as the converse of the above {except 2 point rating which is replaced with unoriginality and 4 point rating which is poor in electronic graphic quality only}. However, you cannot be in the negative or at zero upon receiving negative points. Contest winners are subject to points (6,7,8 - cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude) if they reach a minimum on the rubric - provided I have not yet surveyed that concept. * * *

Now let's get caught up, shall we? Matt McElroy's Columbus concept from  two weeks ago almost cracked the the safe with the rubric missing by 4 points. However, the RPS point he earned was primarily the result of the boldness of that concept. Not including execution, any person can get at least one personal preference point for getting a perfect score in a particular category (boldness/conservativeness {whichever it leans towards}, color, impression/appearance, originality, and presentation {I'm big with food presentation, so I include it}). I would award Matt (again) at least one point for the Evansville uniform, but it is only part of a concept and is therefore not eligible. Many others have come close, but only one has succeeded. Enjoy your (for now) lone point as you can lose it and others can gain ahead. Make friendly competition of it if you want or something, the points really don't matter. This is not a concept or concept artist rating either. Just sporadic points being dispersed around. If necessary, just shoot comments or questions around in the comments section - remember, it's in good fun. With that, I bid you a good weekend and happy hockey!


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