Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, Monday

So what's happening on your Monday? At my house it's pretty relaxed, and that's why I didn't prewrite this post. I just got a new laptop, Windows 8, of course (still learning how to work it), and though I haven't set up all of my files yet, nor downloaded (the program I use for all of my concepts) I can still write this post! Now for your weekly HCIHL scores.
You can always check scores and stats at
Altoona Express 176.9 - London (ON) Sabreswords 81.1
Evansville Rivermen 180.3 - Skopje Lisici (Foxes) 112
Hamilton Stags 193.3 - Louisville Lynx 135.2
Now on to your regularly scheduled concepts....
Columbus Blue Jackets (Matt W.)
One of hockey concept world's many Matts brings us a very unique Columbus concept that I'm indifferent on. I actually kinda like the Blue Jackets jerseys now (don't shoot!), and I don't know if I'd like this. Right now the striping looks a bit minor league-ish or too much like Anaheim. I'm guessing that the stars on the cuffs are centered, but the way you have it now there would be two of them. The more and more I look at the concept though, I like it. My suggestions (and this is with all of the concepts that include the Ohio flag like this) is to put some blue in the striping (on the white jersey). I'd put it right above the striping and end it at the stitching. Concept Rating: 7.7/10
Stadium Series LA (By Ricky M.)
 Friday's writer Ricky gives the first concept of his new mini series with LA. With the winter classic coming up, we will see the first colored game for a long time, with the last one being with LA's yellow jerseys. I really like the lack of chrome on the logos, but I can't say I like the old shield logo for LA, though I do welcome Purple back greatly. The under arm mesh looks too Nike for me, and the numbers on LA especially would be waaaaaayyyyyy too dark to see. I would like some Purple in LA's striping and some bronze in Anaheim's. The helmets are very odd, and other than the U of Michigan's helmet striping, I don't think I've seen anything like it. Concept Rating 6.5/10 (ANA 7.1/10) (LA 5.9/10)
Another post another day, goodbye and see you on Wednesday!

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