Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday: I Take Back Everything!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the late post, I forgot. Today I will rate the new Olympic jerseys unveiled. Yes, these went pretty much under the radar is here's the link to the Icethetics article. The jerseys are there so check it out.

I don't really like USA's jersey. The logo on it looks to Rochester Americans. The jersey is way worse the "stars" on the yoke look HORRIBLE, and to add to that the fake laces are even worse! The collar with the two gold medals is a nice touch, and the striping in different and looks nice. To sum it up, the Americans got a throwback style logo, glued on stars and fake laces on the jersey. Also the jersey could benefit from a hem stripe.

God, what the Russians are suiting up in are even worse! By that I mean the white jersey. What I take from that jersey is the 90's style jerseys are back. And that's more than bad.

Ok, now for the reason of the post title. I thought (up until now) that Nike had some good design features a could make some nice NHL uniforms. Now I hope Reebok can protect that contract. Hey, a hem stripeless San Jose jersey is better than a Sharks jersey with a huge logo in the middle.

Bye, and again sorry for the late post.     

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