Monday, August 19, 2013


Pageviews took a turn for the worst last week, but they're back up again! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks whoo hoo! Congrats to Jake88 our assistant writer and HCIHL president for winning Concept of the Week on HJC.

This is a HCIHL concept based off the LA kings (credit to steven1010 for the logo) that I made.
The North Carolina Monarchs were the pioneer franchise in the HCIHL, soon to be joined by the Altoona Express 2 days later. I brought the "Burger King" template back for the Alternate but used a black version of the main logo. Also the away jersey is GREY not light purple as some may presume. I tried to create a white less away jersey but still have it look good.
Tell me you're thoughts in the comments


  1. I am not to sure about the name under the number thing, kind of soccerish.

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