Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day!

Sorry for the late post. I had so much homework its not even funny! I like the sharks jersey except for the numbers on the front and the asymmetrical stripe. I rate san jose's jersey a 9.1/10
I wish this picture wasn't so blurry on the blog! i wasn't like that on my email! 
I like everything about the design except for the fading stripe on the bottom of the orange jersey. To Vancouverish (from their red to black fading alt of the 00's) . Execution ERROR time! the ECHL a couple months ago outlawed edge socks and jerseys in fairness to teams like Elmira with a attendance of 2,023 opposed to teams like Evansville with a attendance of 5,843 or FTW Komets (7,014) 

Rating 9.35/10


  1. I still don't understand, why did they outlaw them.

  2. Sorry did that comment from the wrong account.


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