Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hey guys, for the second consecutive day Jake88 is here. I won COTW on HJC so I am very happy! We have two concepts today one by me, and the other by Caden. Keep sending in your concepts, as we haven't had many as of late. Not much in the hockey world, going on, except the Province Bruins new jerseys, Icethetics has us covered for that. My review on those is that the Yellow home is sweet, but the colored namebar is not. That should stay in Philly, ok. I also am not a fan of the whiteless alt, for that exact reason white should be included somewhere on the jersey and not just the logos. I do like the yellow neckline though, it's like the old LA Kings Alt. On to the concepts!

St. Louis Blues (Caden)
 Caden took my advice on his original St. Louis concept and came up with this. I will give this extra points for using my Easton helmet template, but like it say's on my blog a credit would be nice. Now I think that the yellow away is almost perfect, I would just put the tv numbers lower. The same critique applies for the blue jersey. Also for both jerseys the reebok logo should be the wordmark, and there shouldn't be a reebok logo on the hem of the jersey. The Alt. looks very good, but with stripes like that a classic look is implied. What I mean with that is that the wordmark though it looks good should be in a more classic, or block font. You can download a block font here. Same critique applies for the numbers. Also the hem on the back of the jersey is the same as the front which it shouldn't be. Concept Rating 8.5/10

Altoona Express HCIHL Concept

Ok along with the onslaught of pictures I give you the finished* Altoona Express!
*Unless I get I really good idea.

Have a good rest of your day! And don't be afraid to give me that idea, tell me in the comments.

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