Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday is Today

Well the title is about as normal is it gets, so is today. I would have posted yesterday but I went to my school's first football game, sadly we lost to our rivals 20 to 6, next year. Any way we have three concepts by my Admin Caden, so lets get to them!

Stadium Series (NYR V.S. NYI) (Caden)
Hmmm... Not sure about this one, I'm still not a fan of the side panels and logo found on the Rangers jersey. I do like the blue helmet and lack of vintage white on the Rangers jersey, though. The Islanders jersey isn't that bad, and the logo looks pretty cool, just not as a Stadium Series logo, especially on a team who (minus the fisherman era) has always used a variation of the original logo. One other thing I can't stand is the colored name bar, let that stay in Philly. Concept Rating: 7/10

Team USA (Caden)
Hmmm... Again this one's out there. The side panels look extremely bad, more so on the blue jersey. I dislike the logo, the olympic rings certainly aren't needed. The flag on the shoulders would look good but it's already on the front on the jersey so it's a bit unnecessary. The striping does look good, very simple, a lot better than what got they gave us. One side note Nike makes the Olympic jerseys, not Reebok, and there are Nike templates in Paint Users Paradise. Concept Rating 6.5/10

Stadium Series (LA V.S. ANA) (Caden)
Hmmm... For the third time. I'll start with the LA jersey. I feel as if I am one of the only people who like cut off chest stripes, and this one doesn't look bad with it. The logo looks bad because it is the only thing with silver on it on the jersey. Now to the Ducks jersey, Vintage White to me is a big no-no for Anaheim, and the orange, jade, eggplant, and black color scheme looks horrible. I'd add an eggplant yoke and numbers to it, and the template isn't the best idea for a Stadium Series game. For both jerseys the Boston Strong patch isn't necessary, for teams in California, also the socks are too templatey. Concept Rating 7.4/10

Thanks for reading, and I hope the rest of your day is a good one!     

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