Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday. New Jerseys All Alround

Well we have more jerseys coming out now, including the Wild unveiling a new away jersey soon, and the Sabres making the horrible third it looks like we're getting. In todays post I will give my prediction for the Wild jersey (before the third and fourth pictures were unveiled). Also check icethetics for the latest jersey news.

*edit by Caden. The Wild have released the third and fourth pics. Jakes concept is spot on!

Minnesota Wild (Jake88/Me)
The striping for this is based on the extended yoke on the now obsolete jersey. I also edited the yoke to curve in like the new Sabres jersey but not as drastic. The color of the number also changes from red to green. For good matters I changed the cut to the new Stars jerseys.  

Boston Bruins (Caden)
I really like the idea of these simplified Bruins jerseys. All of these are missing something big, that being Bostons signature yoke stripe, in fact, they had that yoke stripe on all the jerseys since 1940, and on 5 designs before that. A hem stripe would be a nice addition as well. But then with all of my suggestions you get the exact uniforms they have now. One thing I do think is a good touch is the Boston Strong patch and jersey. Even the side panels don't look that bad. The only thing I'm afraid of, is that if the Boston Strong jersey were to be wore this year it would be to late. 7.7/10

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I bit you ado!

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