Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday: Different Than Expected

Hey guys, Jake88 here. I have something different than you guys thought. First of all my brother's birthday party is today (he turned ten) and I have hockey after that, and to add to it, I am a big procrastinator. So this post doesn't work out, considering the long amount of reviews I have to give for the "Hates and Greats Part Two" so you get this, just another jersey by me. Sorry.

Mississippi Surge (Jake88/me)
You can see I have fallen in love with this template, as it has been on all of my recent concepts. The jersey I originally envisioned was a Sabres like jersey, hence the piping on the template, but this looked a lot better. I also took the grey out of the logo which looks nice. 

Again sorry that this isn't what you expected, but hey it's what you get.

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