Saturday, August 17, 2013


I know it really doesn't matter, but it's been one week since I posted my first HCI post. Also HCI now has a Twitter for the HCIHL, my concept for the league is in todays post. Here's the logo designed by me.

I made this really fast and here it is. Of course the star and leaf is for Canada and the US. If you want a team email us.

Altoona Express HCIHL cocnept (Jake88[me])
I included the logo I made for this fictional team. The colors are from the Altoona Curve baseball team, and the Express name is from Altoona's history of trains. Any C&C in the comments is welcome.

2014 Stadium Series (NYR V.S. NJ)(Caden)
Caden gives us the New York Rangers V.S. New Jersey for the Stadium Series second game. I think the "Weird Al Yankovic" name is right with the side panels and Rangers logo instead of the diagonal wordmark. Again I would use a block font instead of the Arial-like font you have. Concept Rating  7.3/10

As always thanks for reading! 

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