Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday: Next Wave

For the people who have yet to see San Jose's new jerseys I have the good's right here.
From Sportslogos.net
I am not a fan of these, the Sharks had one of the best looks in the NHL, all they had to do is get rid of the front number and add the fin as a shoulder patch; but instead we get this. So far the Sharks, Canes, Remparts (QJMHL) Charlottetown Islanders (QJMHL)(good logo though), have all had bad jersey designs, as the Stars got IMO the best look in the NHL, and the Providence Bruins (AHL) dropped the white for a good look. Speaking of a new look, the Sabres 3rd jersey is probably going to suck too. Here's a link to the Sportslogos.net take on the new jerseys.

San Jose Sharks (Jake88[me])
This is how I think that San Jose should have made the "minor changes". The changes I made were the name plate yoke, on the Stars template which is my favorite template. The striping stays the same and so do the numbers. The new alternate is inspired by the pre-edge alt. with the bent arm stripes. I added a hem stripe to complete the jersey, something the new jerseys need. Sometimes I think that Reebok can make the best looks and San Jose was one of the things that cemented that for me, now the trust in Reebok is going away. Give me your opinions on my idea of the perfect Sharks jersey in the comments.

Also pay attention to the HCIHL, I want some more teams in it, and you guys can provide. 

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