Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday: Prepping for the Championship

The HCIHL playoff are on now! With the Rivermen trailing the Lynx, and the Foxes getting killed by the Stags. In the consolation ladder, which I didn't even know existed until I checked the scores yesterday, and I'm playing in it... My Express, are somehow still in the game against a team that knew that there was a consolation ladder, the Sabreswords. The way things look, this will be the last game in Altoona for the Express, and the last game in Skopje for the Foxes. Unless the Rivermen catch up, the Lynx will keep playing in Louisville, and after in the championship they will move to Las Vegas. Enough about that, now to an HCIHL team concept.


Evansville Rivermen (Caden Patafie)
Caden shows us how his team's uniforms will look for the upcoming season, as of now they look like this. The new set will have a very original number font and be without any white in the striping. Like all of the released jerseys, except for the Pilots and the Bighorns, the Rivermen will have the Nike fake laces. The striping pattern's unique in the HCIHL although you lose the lighter blue on the dark jersey. YOU ALWAYS NEED TV NUMBERS!!!! Ok Caden already told us why it was tough for him to apply them, but you still should have them kids. The helmet is very pixelated, I'm not sure if you can fix that in pain though. Concept Rating 7.4/10


My Penn State team was able to beat Michigan on Thursday, a big feat for a team ranked 51st in the country, as Michigan was ranked 11th. Though in the next round, they lost to Wisconsin 2-1. If they would have won that game, they would have played Ohio State in the next round, as they upset Minnesota, who was ranked 1 in the nation.

Well that's all for today, hope to see everyone next Monday!

Note: Sorry this post is late, I must have forgotten to Schedule it on Blogger... ooops.

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