Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, New stuff for the playoff push

Hey guys, Caden here! The Icemen are fastly closing in on a playoff spot, and whether or not we beat Florida last night will really determine wether we have a chance or not. As I said before I'm super exited for the coming up Icemen trip. If you check out Dana Heinze on twitter (He is Pittsburgh's Equipment Manager) you will see a lot of the stuff he brings with him to road games to make the team feel at home, locker nametags, logo mat and signs etc. Since Dana isn't our Equipment Manager we (the Icemen) didn't have all the stuff, until now!

I went crazy with the printer and laminator and made these.
It just gives a little logo presence in our room and makes the players more comfortable. Especially since most visiting room walls are white and look like hospitals. (Passion-Commitment)

I also made these. Player nameplates that go on the respective stall
The reason they are above is because there wasn't anywhere else to put them. Most lockers have wider shelves, and they would be placed below the helmet.

The final thing I got. Well, the team paid for it, but nobody has ever taken it on the road before.
So all in all the locker room feels more at home for the players, and is more classy all around.

So I'm sorry there weren't any concepts today, SEND SOME IN! Also check out Dana Heinzes twitter at @RealDanaHeinze, and the Icemen equivalent at @StickboysIcemen


This is the visiting locker room in Florida set up with all of our swag. (Minus the signs, they aren't in the camera angle.)

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