Thursday, March 20, 2014

2 concepts, Two Desigers, 2 games, 2 days

Numbers seem to be the theme of my weeks posts on HockeyCI! The Icemen play their final two home games tommorow and Saturday, which of course I will be working at, and We have two concepts today! The two concepts are by two different designers, and this is also my second post of the week! 

Joey Fryd Tampa Bay Lightning
The lightning confirmed a new alternate for next season, though I believe it's going to be black.

Design: Though the main color is still blue, I like that the design is different enough from the main home jersey to even contistute having it. The black stripes and yoke look good, and I like the tie down collar, but I would've done it backwards. Like the staidum series ones.

Execution: The TV numbers are a tad small. But most of the concept is executed well.

Jake Miller Team Slovenia (Olympics)
Slovenia held there own in the Olympics, but with only one NHL player on the team roster, they weren't able to do much.

Design: First off, I'm glad you didn't use the lime green jersey numbers like that were actually used. They weren't visible at all on the white jersey. I like how the yoke is white in the back so the namebar could be the same color as the rest of the jersey. The sublimated mountains look great! I would have had them on the back as well. Just because it is the Olympics, I would have perfered a white helmet instead of a blue one. It's different, and you don't see it often.  

Execution: There isn't anything I can see. When it comes to making European concepts, Jake doesn't disappoint.

Did you like our post of twos? Would you rather it be a post of threes or fours? Send in your own designs at


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