Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, It's playoff time!

If the title confused you. It's HCIHL playoff time. As of now, My Evansville Rivermen are beating the lower seeded Louisville Lynx, and are playing significantly about 20 points up. The Stags are just DESTROYING Skopje and lead by about 100 points. 

In ECHL news, I'm going on a week long road trip with the Icemen, next Wednesday, we will play in  Cinci, then in Wheeling and Elmira. In Wheeling we actually get 2 locker rooms. One for forwards, one for defense, and there is plenty of room for everyone. I will post some pics 2 Tuesdays from now.

Matt McElroy Hamilton Stags
This concept was made for Matt's HCIHL team, which is a strong contender for this year's championship.

Design: I like vintage white used. For a team like the Stags it fits with the woodsy theme. The new logo and wordmark look great, better than their current, which I will picture below.

I don't like the darker green pants, but, I guess they would work. The green at the top of the home socks look arbitrary. Like it's there just to be there. If you had've put vintage white on the top of the green socks as well, it might've belonged more.

Execution: The numbers on the back are a tad small, and the collar on the green jersey is slightly darker, but it might be on purpose.

Thanks for reading, I hope the Rivermen win, More HCIHL jerseys to come, AdiĆ³s!


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