Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday: Fear the Turtle

Greetings and salutations all across the fruited plain, Ricky Mazella here for another HJC Friday! It's tournament time here in Buffalo and my bracket (Fear the Turtle on ESPN) is doing better than normal at this point of the tournament. March Madness really has gotten mad downtown with Dayton's upset of Ohio State yesterday. Elsewhere, my Australian football team the North Melbourne Kangaroos have opened their season with a loss to the Essendon Bombers. My NLL east leading Buffalo Bandits take on the 10-0 Edmonton Rush, and Arsenal are playing a table topping clash with league-leading Chelsea just four points ahead in English soccer. That on top of more NCAAs tomorrow.

But what's more important right now is hockey. For the first time this calendar year, the Ducks don't lead the West and in the Pacific lost to the Sharks last night to fall behind them in the standings. Also, the Sabres snapped their season long seven game long losing streak against the Oilers last night. The Sabres are supposedly going to remove the interim tag from Ted Nolan's coaching position and make it permanent when the team gets back home next week. Onto a concept.

Submitted by: Nick Spiteri
I've gotta say, Nick really has a knack for great ideas. compared to mine from a few weeks ago, but this works just as well. Instead of flagging the heck out of it, he superimposed it. I have pictures here, here, here, and here that I found browsing around. I don't know that I like the arm yokes and hem stripes, but I can understand their purpose. The logo is a tad large but that happens with such an intense design over the rest of the jersey's body. All in all, a better fit than not.

That'll do it for me today. And by the way, last week's phantom post (for which I apologize) is available for viewing on HCI. I found a version of it as a draft as I was preparing it for Saturday (to give HCI extra exposure) over at BNG. That is now readily available for you (I pride myself on great customer service). Enjoy your weekend - come on you Gunners and let's go Bandits!


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