Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday: A little birdy told me to post this!

Hello, hello, hello everyone. Alan here for your usual Saturday post here on HCI. Well it's been a week for me! Well beside my work week, in the hockey side my Jr.B team Chatham Maroons are going to the GOJHL Western Conference championship to face the Leamington Flyers, this is going to be good to me because my team have surprisingly playing good, sweeping 4 to none in both 1st, and 2nd rounds. Now they're up against the Flyers, the team that finished 1st in the GOJHL Western Conference. What's more surprising about my Maroons is was about a month or two ago my team was striped off of their 4 points (2 wins) after breaking the maximum import players rules, at first it would throw the team's "A" game, and would get an early elimination in the playoffs. But it became a 360, hopefully my Maroons can beat the Flyers, win the GOJHL Western Conference title, and play for the OHA Jr.B Sutherland Cup!
Well that's another rant I got off my chest, let's get to a concept shall we.

Slovan Bratislava KHL Stadium Series Concept [by Jake88]
Up points: For a Stadium series template used here, it really fit the team very well. The chromed logo (witch credited smartly) actually made the jersey pop to my eye. Overall this better then any NHL Stadium series! (Except the Devils)
Down points: The trim stripes on both the arms, and hem are too thin for me to see, mainly the silver, I can't see it.
My suggestion: Make the trim stripes on both the arms, and hem just thick enough to see.

Well that's today post, hope I didn't bored you all with my rant about my hometown team, and just posting 1 concept, but you can change it by sending your concepts to us! Send them to Until then later.

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