Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday: Final 3 this week, 2 today, 1 post

As my job as a stickboy for the Evansville Icemen winds to a close with only 3 home games left in the season (Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday). I am taking Today and Friday off school to savor the last bits of Icemen hockey before the long off season. (Playoffs looking dim). I would like to acknowledge Icemen PA announcer Tommy Mason for announcing me and Oliver's (the other stickboy) name every game night, always drawing a cheer from the people behind the bench (and that weird girl with a crush on me. You know who you are!). A couple concepts today, let's go!

 V. Contreras Minnesota Wild
Contreras told me in his email that thins was his first concept. This is probably the best "first concept" I've ever seen. Nice job using the IceBorn gloves, which I suggested to Matt originally.

Design: A nice design for a first concept. Most new designers (like me) try to do something totally outrageous like adding black to the red wings or using white numbers on a yellow jersey.

I like the classic striping, The wild should ditch the green jersey, make a vintage white version of that, and use it as their main set. Green socks would be a cool feature, they would match the hem and pants nicely, and add a more classic feel to the design. The colors are balanced enough, and don't look too Christmassy.

Execution: Probably the best execution I've seen from a first concept. There is stitching over the hem stripes, but that is an easy fix.

B. DeBode Philly Flyers 3rd

This concept isn't as appealing, but I will try to find good.

Good: The flyers need a black alternate. The wordmark adds a classic feel to the design

Bad: I don't like the striping. I would've done 3 even stripes, with a white one in the middle. The font isn't something that needs to be on the back of a jersey. Check Jake's Blog (jake88jerseyconcepts.blogspot.com) for some if his sports fonts. I don't think the off namebar works on black. Though it is something Philly would do. I would've made it orange.

Good: You applied the shoulder patches correctly, which a lot of designers don't do. The striping is all placed evenly, and is the same size Good job.

Bad: The template used isn't the most pleasing to the eye. Check our templates page for more aesthetically pleasing. The cuffs are grey, I think you just forgot to color them in, since grey isn't part of the design. The wordmark is too big.

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