Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday: Capping it off

Hi you all, Alan here for your last Saturday of March here on HCI! Well early this week I'm working and me and my workmate were yapping about hockey because his two sons played hockey years ago, and he told me that rumors said that the NHL is in talks of upping the draft lottery from the top 3 to a top 5. I understand that, and I feel this could be true too, let's look at it this way there have been many NHL teams tanking, like not even trying to win the last couple of games in getting higher picks, so with that I think this was bound to happened in a big way, if this becomes true news then I'm on board!

Enough random hockey rant, let's get to the concept.

Washington Capitals alternate jersey concept [by K14]
Up points: Bringing back the teams 90's colors, to even bringing back the teams old shoulder patch is a plus with me! I admit I don't like the Caps Secondary logo, but with black, bronze, and with blue in the background it fits nicely! Using the tie down collar is a nice touch. The arms and the hem stripes make this concept complete.
Down point: the numbers is hard to see with just bronze with both blue, and black trims togrther.
My suggestion: Either replace the bronze number with white, or replace the blue trim around the numbers with white.

Well that's Saturday for you all! Before I go, I got a video from the world of YouTube! Hope you all enjoy 14 minutes of goalies losing their minds. Until then later.

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