Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, Change from a vending machine!

Howdy do HCI Family? First off I'm glad you are still reading this blog, even though we aren't doing as much of the concept thing preparing for our big change. Also, me and Jake, With the help of a couple other people, decided to make a change that will much betterify HCI.

Another change, The name!!! Yup! We won't be called Hockey Concept Ideas for long! The HCI Staff still isn't sure what the name is going to be, but we will let you know when we create one. Don't worry, I will set up a redirect to the new URL.

Writers! We might get some new writers, maybe not. I'm going to try to shuffle around the schedule to try to do what works best for everyone.

Material! The concepts won't be the main feature of the site. What we are going to do, is have an Icethetics'esque design blog, but feature more "behind the scenes design". What I mean is, Instead of doing Jerseys and logos like Icethetics, We can do more like, Locker room stuff, Team tracksuits, Practice jerseys, Designs on non team stuff, like sticks and skates... ETC.

More to come on the changes! TTYL!


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