Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday: Playoffs!

Hello, HCI Readers!
It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmeee oofff the yeeearrr! PLAYOFF TIME!

My team isn't in contention (blew it) but I'm rooting for Boston. I hope the Jackets and the Avalanche do well, they deserve it.
I'll most likely be following Boston VS Detroit, Chicago VS St.Louis, Montreal VS Tampa, Anaheim vs Dal- you know what? I'm gonna try to watch at least one game from each series. (Maybe :P)

Now on to the concepts:

Indiana 500's - Jake Miller and Caden Patafie

I remember seeing this concept on another site - very good. I am a NASCAR fan/overall racing fan and I like the idea behind this concept. The striping is great, and I like the little swoosh/curve on it. I wish that this concept had a tire somewhere, but then again - it might conflict with Detroit's logo.Wonder what it would look like to have a bit of the collar, I wish that the socks included red. I really have no big complaints about this concept, really solid. Nice job, boys.

That's all for this post, make sure to come back tomorrow!

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