Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday: Like a Well Oiled Duck

Glad to be writing you today, Ricky Mazella here for another HCI Friday! The Lightning are out, the Kings stave off elimination, and everything else is relatively entertaining. But we have some entertaining concepts too - let's have a look see, shall we?

Anaheim Ducks
Submission by: Jake88

Jake starts us off with one of the most graceful Ducks concepts I've ever seen. That's pretty good given the lack of use of this crest logo. This could still use a face-lift, but it will do just fine. The numbers are a tad large all around, and the hem needs to be fixed up tremendously - I'd rather it match the arm stripes than the yoke. While the pants are what is regularly used, I've never been a fan of it's thin stripe.  Otherwise - It's the same old song.

Edmonton Oilers
Submission by: Alan John Herbert

This was a concept inspired by a contest over at HJC. This is one of the best I saw in that contest. It makes a lot of sense too - the curvature says it all. I have many times tried to patch together such a concept and it just never happened, this is somewhat something I had in mind. I wouldn't mind seeing a little orange in here, but that was changed from copper in the original color scheme to this logo set.

Another HCI installment in the books means time to get back to playoff hockey. Whichever your team is, relax and enjoy the great quality of hockey to come!


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