Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday: King of the World

Back in action for the first Friday in the month of April. It's "the magic of Ricky Mazella" according to yesterday's tweet from HCI's official account. Let's begin the weekend off with a bang, starting right now!

Dylan gives us a slice of retro-modernism. With everything current about the jersey elements, there isn't much to be surprised about (though I must say ditch the Bettman stripes). However, he brings back yellow to be reintroduced to the color scheme. There is also a lot more white featured on this jersey (et al). I don't think I like seeing that much white, but bringing the gold back takes a good step back towards the past but forward in the right direction.

Speaking of kings, the "King of New York" once again has become a pivotal point in my life. I had another jersey come in earlier this week. It is my first in the sport of basketball. Why am I posting about a basketball jersey? Well for one thing it would make a good hockey spin-off, but I am a jersey enthusiast in general. My favorite team, a player with all of his 18 seasons for that team, it's one of the few exceptions I make for purchases. This was a jersey that had almost completely alluded me for several years. I came across one for $10 (opening bid) but didn't have a Paypal account and my neighbor freshman year (last name Miller) saw me looking at it and I told him to try for it. He got it at that opening bid. Three years later and $30 more expensive with free shipping both times, I am home.

Another HCI post down. Meanwhile I'm having a much better round so far in HCIHL play (not that the consolation match mean's anything). Well I hope that the last few games of the regular season are as exciting as you hope - QUACK!


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