Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday: De Pens

No I don't have a long write up about how my team lost after having a 3-1 lead in double O.T., or how we can't score on powerplays, I just have a concept for them.

After missing my last two posts I couldn't comment on our HCIHL, so now I will.
The Rivs pulled it out against the Stags and won the first Patafie cup, and their GM, was Caden Patafie... Coincidence?... Yeah probably.

The Lynx held onto the 3rd place spot through most of that series (I think) but the Foxes came back to win.

In the second consolation game, the my Express, now the Bighorns, pulled it out and won. And in the end, I somehow made Alan's Sabreswords lose two of their Regular season games they had already won, and the Express came in 5th. (See Season Standings)


Pittsburgh Penguins (V. Contreas)
V. brings us this Pens concept. Believe me, I am all for the return of athletic gold, and dropping Vegas. Do I think Mario's ever gonna do it, No, but someone must have (for the better) swayed his opinion for the new rumored alternate. THANK YOU, for using the correct logo from that time period, not the new one, nor the Pigeon. I like everything about this concept but two things. 1. Silver. No silver or gray, or anything relating to that 90's alternate (which isn't bad, for it's time, but it needs to stay in the past). and 2. The striping order. If you turned the gray into white this would be fine, but the gray stripe, as it is now, is in the middle of the sleeve stripes and the top (outer) of the hem. It just looks sloppy. Concept Rating 7.5/10, the exclusion of gray would help so much.


Ok then, hope you liked todays post, first concept in a while.


  1. Skopje was ahead then the Lynx made a valiant attempt to comeback but failed.

  2. The standings screwup was because I changed the scoring system for NEXT season, and somehow it retroactively changed the scores for LAST season, and I couldn't fix it.


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