Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday. Hint to our changes, "AllSport Sports Drink"

Hello readers! Ok, so I've changed my mind about all of my changes, and me and Jake primarily, with help from the other writers, are trying to come up with ideas, and I think I have something. So stay tuned! Hint, AllSport Sports Drink!

Joey Fryd Modern Toronto Arenas?
I'm not sure what this concept is for, A revival of the Arena's, or (probably) a fuaxback for the Leafs. I'm going to say it's a Leaf fuaxback, because of the number 81 and the A (Kessel). 

Design: The Leafs haven't worn anything like this, Ever! I appreciate the creativity.
I'm not a huge fan of the "swoopyness" of the whole design. It would look really good as a Sharks jersey. I would have added a shoulder patch, not sure what, but something.

Execution/Presentation: Good job blurring out the background. Many times the backgrounds on concept art is distracting, which is why I appricate the simple consistency of Icethetics. 

The TV numbers are too small, and I think we could get a better look at things if we saw a back to the concept too.

Hey, thanks for reading! New stuff coming soon! 


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